How Do You Separate Your Self-Worth from Productivity?



In this video, you'll learn:


1. How do you know if you're tying your SELF-WORTH to your PRODUCTIVITY?

2. What's the PROBLEM with tying your self-worth to what you get done?

3. How can you begin to UNTIE your self-worth from how much you've checked off of your to-do list?


Video Transcript:

I want to know if you agree with these two statements:

Number one, “being busy is not a badge of honor.”

And number two, “productivity isn't the only thing that makes a person valuable.”

Now, I'm guessing that you agree with both of those statements However, it is so common that we tie our own self-worth to how much we get done. And that's a problem for a lot of reasons, which I'm gonna explain to you in a minute.

But first, let's go through a few really simple ways to tell if you may be tying your self-worth with your productivity.

  1. First one is if you have feelings of guilt when you're not doing things. So if you're just flopped on the couch, do...
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