How to Gain Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

The entire concept of "work-life balance" feels awful to me. I imagine a double sided scale that is constantly having weight added to it and you have to try to keep it in balance. If you add a little to the work side, then you're out of balance and need to add a little to the life side. Exhausting.

HOWEVER! Almost every entrepreneur I talk to makes reference to wanting better work-life balance, so we definitely need to talk about how to gain work-life balance as an entrepreneur..

Ready for the most important sentence in this post? 

Until you define what "work-life balance" means for YOU, you cannot reach it.

It's a very vague term. Do you want balance in how you spend your time, your energy, your thoughts, or something else? Is balance really more of a 80-20 ratio? Or 40-60? You get to decide! And once you decide on your definition of work-life balance, you can go about creating it. 

For me, work-life balance is all about mindset and being intentional. Whatever I'm doing,...

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3 Powerful Benefits of Journaling for Entrepreneurs

I had a busy day planned but didn't feel like doing any of it. As I sat drinking my coffee, dreading my schedule, I pondered calling a spontaneous day off. And while I occasionally do that as a fabulous act of self-care, on this particular day, I knew that if I threw my schedule out the window I would be disappointed in myself later on. 

So instead, I took 5 minutes and journaled about why I do what I do and here's what I came up with:

“I do it for me. To see what I am capable of and to experience the adventure. Part of the adventure is the full range of emotions that I feel today. 

I do it for my family. To pay our bills and give us options. 

I do it to put more money, power, influence, and options into the hands of women.” 

By the time I was done typing (yes, I type my journal), I was energized to take on my day. It was shocking how much my mindset had shifted in just 5 minutes, but that is the power of journaling. 

Strategic journaling is a...

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50 Journal Prompt for Entrepreneurs

Journaling is a powerful tool that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing.

Dive in using my favorite journal prompts and watch it change your business!