3 Powerful Benefits of Journaling for Entrepreneurs

I had a busy day planned but didn't feel like doing any of it. As I sat drinking my coffee, dreading my schedule, I pondered calling a spontaneous day off. And while I occasionally do that as a fabulous act of self-care, on this particular day, I knew that if I threw my schedule out the window I would be disappointed in myself later on. 

So instead, I took 5 minutes and journaled about why I do what I do and here's what I came up with:

“I do it for me. To see what I am capable of and to experience the adventure. Part of the adventure is the full range of emotions that I feel today. 

I do it for my family. To pay our bills and give us options. 

I do it to put more money, power, influence, and options into the hands of women.” 

By the time I was done typing (yes, I type my journal), I was energized to take on my day. It was shocking how much my mindset had shifted in just 5 minutes, but that is the power of journaling. 

Strategic journaling is a part of my weekday morning routine as an entrepreneur. Here are a few of the benefits that you’ll experience when you start journaling about your business too:


Most entrepreneurs are so busy working in their business that they rarely take a step back and evaluate what’s actually happening.

Journaling can help you get an (almost) outside perspective. It allows you to check in with what’s working so that you can fully capitalize on it. You’ll also see what’s not working that you can skip.

In the end, you’ll utilize your time and energy more efficiently and likely earn more money while you’re at it.


Do you find it hard to show up in your full power and confidence? You know that if you could just perform at your full potential each day, your income would skyrocket. But insecurities, impostor syndrome, and overthinking keep holding you back.

When you take time to journal each morning, you’ll start to get better at managing your mind. You can write about your insecurities and then “talk back” to them on the page. No, you won’t be 100% confident all day, everyday, but you will show up with more intention than ever before. 


Moving the needle in your business is all about having a clear goal and knowing what strategic action steps to take each day to get there.

Journaling each morning will help you stay focused, productive, and motivated as you turn your dreams into reality. 

But How?

Ok, so this all sounds great, but how do I journal strategically instead of journaling about being mad at my parents for not letting me sleep over at my friend’s house and my anxiety about the science test on Friday? (aka: my middle school journals) 

I’m so glad you asked!

I’ve got a free PDF for you of 50 Journal Prompts for Entrepreneurs. These will help you make progress toward your goals, show up in your full power, evaluate your business so that you can increase your revenue, and more. 

Get 50 Journal Prompts for Entrepreneurs Here


Do you want to journal your way to success?

Journaling is a powerful tool that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing.

It will allow you to gain clarity, take action in alignment with your goals, and create the business of your dreams.

Dive in using my favorite journal prompts and watch it change your business! 

Does This Sound Familiar?

✓ You spend each day being crazy-busy but without getting anything done that will actually move the needle in your business.

✓ You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated on the regular. 

✓ You never get to enjoy the perks of being your own boss that you’ve dreamed about: working from anywhere on the planet, spontaneous weekday lunch dates with friends, or even a fully unplugged vacation. 

It's time to work smarter, not harder. 

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50 Journal Prompt for Entrepreneurs

Journaling is a powerful tool that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing.

Dive in using my favorite journal prompts and watch it change your business!