Powerful Journal Prompts for Achieving Your Goals

I journaled daily all the way through middle school and high school. Want to know how I felt about every single boy I knew? It's in there. Want to know about the time I got in trouble for failing to get an A on a report card and how angry I was at my parents? Definitely in there.

All of the little details of my hormonal everyday life are written down in embarrassing detail for no one's eyes to see but my own. Seriously, no one else is ever reading those things.

I'm not sure when I stopped journaling. Sometime in college I think. But I picked up the habit again recently in a totally different way. . .

What journaling looks like for me today:

In my journey to become a life coach, I've picked up the journaling habit in a totally new way and it is truly transformative. 

I don't journal every single day and I'm not writing about what happened that day (8am: drank enormous cup of coffee. 8:30am: had to pee four times. 9am: walked dogs and got sunburnt.).

Instead, part of the journaling I'm doing is to ask myself questions about where I'm at with my goals, what I need to do to achieve them, and what thoughts would be helpful to get me there.

So if you've got some goals you want to make progress toward, grab a notebook and try writing about these powerful journal prompts.

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Powerful Journal Prompts for Achieving Your Goals

How will I (insert goal)?

Examples: How will I save for a trip to Italy by next year? How will I change careers?

I've learned that by asking this question you really put your brain to work on finding solutions and figuring out how to make it happen.

If I knew how to (insert goal), what would I do?

Examples: If I knew how to start an online business, what would I do? If I knew how to start a budget, what would I do?

It's so easy to use the "I don't know how" excuse when it comes to making your goals happen. But so far, I've found that by journaling about this question, I can always come up with a few ideas to get me started. And starting is the most important part! Once you've gotten started, you'll figure out your next steps.

What have I been thinking about my goal?

Examples: What have I been thinking about my goal to get organized at home? What have I been thinking about my goal to exercise 4x per week?

This question can show you why you're not making progress or what's missing from your approach.

Maybe you've been thinking your goal is impossible so you don't even try. You might be thinking that your goal is selfish so you don't make time for it. All kinds of thoughts can come up and once they're on the paper you can analyze them and work through them.

Why haven't I reached my goal yet?

Examples: Why haven't I lost 5 pounds yet? Why haven't I saved towards my house downpayment yet?

You know why, right? This can be a painful question to ask because it often brings to light excuses you've made and can show how you haven't made your goal a priority.

What do I need to do to (make specific progress) in (month)?

Examples: What do I need to do to earn $5,000 in August? What do I need to do to be able to do 10 pushups daily by the end of July?

I love the inclusion of a specific month in this question. Maybe you have a huge goal but can use this question to break it down into actions you'll take this month.

Again, this question gets your brain working on what you can do to make it happen! When I use this question, I always come up with all kinds of ideas.

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My current journal contains much different information than those middle school journals. You won't be able to read about the boy I like (spoiler alert: it's my husband Austin) but journaling about my goals has helped me grow in huge ways over the past few months.

I'm gaining clarity about the goals that I want to set and finding ways to make significantly more progress than before! I hope you'll give these powerful journal prompts about achieving your goals a try.

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Journaling is a powerful tool that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing.

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Dive in using my favorite journal prompts and watch it change your business! 

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Journaling is a powerful tool that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing.

Dive in using my favorite journal prompts and watch it change your business!