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Your dream income & impact are on the other side of time management & productivity skills.

I was two years into my first entrepreneurial endeavor (I was a full-time blogger!) before I figured out this whole time management, productivity issue. 

Once I figured it out, I literally was able to finish a project I thought would take me weeks in one afternoon. I left my phone at home and didn’t worry about checking in on my business every hour, all weekend long. And best of all, I was able to feel less stressed, less overwhelmed, and have more fun! (Oh, and did I mention that my income increased through all of this??)

Are you in? Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

By the way, hi! I’m Christine, a certified life coach.

I help female entrepreneurs earn more money without working more hours

"Each week I left with systems to implement that freed up more of my time. With the time that I was able to reclaim, I was able to work towards getting ideal clients. With Christine's coaching I was able to break through limiting mindsets about my fees. Not only was I able to get two new ideal clients, but they were booked at my highest fee pricing yet. "

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Who is Productivity & Time Management Coaching For?

If any of these ring a bell, this coaching is for you: 

☑️  I often think that I should be getting more done / could be doing more in my business.

☑️  I have a hard time relaxing when I'm not working.

☑️  I get caught up in doing a lot of "shallow, busy work" instead of "deep, focused work".

☑️  I would love to feel in control and on top of things.

☑️  I often feel stressed or overwhelmed

This sounds like me! I want help.

"I was struggling with putting too many tasks on my weekly to do list and feeling bad about not getting more done. I was also having trouble relaxing and being present and intentional with my free time after the end of the work day. Now, I have a streamlined weekly schedule that makes me focus on only the most important tasks with less guilt over what I’m not getting done. And I’ve started an evening routine to help me end my day relaxed, rested, and ready for the next day."

Genealogist & Blogger

So how does this work?

We will work together, one on one, for 12 weeks. You’ll get customized help for your unique life, business, and dreams.

Previous clients have:

  • 💰 Reached their income goals.
  • 📚 Started reading for fun every evening.
  • 🛀 Felt more relaxed when they’re not working.
  • 💃 Gotten new clients.
  • 💪 Capitalized on their strengths instead of worrying about weaknesses.
  • 📆 Customized planning systems to work for them.
  • ⏰ Started working less hours and earning more $$

"I realized during our sessions that I wasn't working strategically, and even though I was busy, I wasn't doing the things I needed to in order to get results. Christine did an amazing job coaching me through this while also giving me tools to get my schedule organized while focusing on what would bring in more clients. My biggest wins were getting new clients and seeing that I had everything I needed to keep making that happen."

Life Coach

If you're ready to achieve your business goals without stress and overwhelm, my time management coaching program is for you. 

The total investment for 12 transformational weeks of one-on-one coaching is $1800 (payment plan available).

Before we commit to 12 amazing weeks together, let’s make sure we’re a good fit.

Schedule your free, no obligations discovery call today! I’ll ask where you’re at now and your goals for your business. You can ask me any questions you have about the program.

If we both think we’re a good fit with each other, we’ll make it official and get your first sessions scheduled!

Book Your Discovery Call Here

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