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Are you ready to earn more money WITHOUT working more hours?

3 Months of One-on-One, Game-Changing Growth for Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, and Coaches Seeking More Freedom

If you are busy working your butt off all day but aren’t seeing growth in your income…

If you crave more freedom and fun in your everyday life…

If you have endless lists of great ideas but never get a chance to implement them…

If you often feel stressed or overwhelmed and would love to feel on top of things…

Then you're in the right place! Keep reading, my friend. 

It's time for you to acquire pro-level productivity skills. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

✓ You spend each day being crazy-busy but without getting anything done that will actually move the needle in your business. 

✓ You have to-do list tasks that keep getting transferred to the next to-do list. 

✓ You sacrifice sleep because you wake up early so that you can work more without taking time away from your family. 

✓ You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated on the regular. 

✓ You never get to enjoy the perks of being your own boss that you’ve dreamed about: working from anywhere on the planet, spontaneous weekday lunch dates with friends, or even a fully unplugged vacation.

You’ve probably asked yourself: “Why aren’t I getting more done when I’m so busy everyday???” 


You need to work smarter, not harder.

Join me for 1:1 productivity coaching that will optimize how you spend your time and energy so that you can earn more money without working more hours.

You will learn strategies that will cause you to reach your next big goal faster than you thought possible!


Here's the Plan:


By setting a crystal clear goal and identifying every obstacle in your way, we will create your customized roadmap – exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goal.

This means getting rid of shallow, busy-work and zeroing in on the tasks that will move the needle in your business. 



Next up is pro-level productivity skills. I’ll help you find the systems that work best for you (no one-size fits all approach). We’ll create systems that help you consistently generate new clients/income.

You’ll also learn how to focus, do deep work, and delegate where possible (even if you’re a bit of a perfectionist control freak).


"Before Christine's help, I struggled with figuring out how to scale my business. I was mentally exhausted and so stressed at the end of each workday, and couldn't see how I could take on any more work or clients. In my very first session, Christine helped me create a new system that cut my work time in half, and by our fourth session, we were able to reduce it even further! I enjoy my work far more with the new systems and am scaling my business to levels I never thought possible."

Email Marketing Specialist

"Each week I left with systems to implement that freed up more of my time. With Christine's coaching I was able to break through limiting mindsets about my fees. Not only was I able to get two new ideal clients, but they were booked at my highest fee pricing yet. "

Pinterest Manager


We’ll weed out sneaky thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from showing up in your full power.

You’ll learn how to create thoughts and emotions that cause you to be more productive than you thought possible.



You’ll learn how to be “all in” when you’re working and “all in” in your downtime.

This means being able to mentally and emotionally separate yourself from your business so that you can reduce overwhelm and fully enjoy your beautiful life. Less phone time and more fun time. 



"I was struggling with putting too many tasks on my weekly to do list and feeling bad about not getting more done. I was also having trouble relaxing and being present and intentional with my free time after the end of the work day. Now, I have a streamlined weekly schedule that makes me focus on only the most important tasks with less guilt over what I’m not getting done. And I’ve started an evening routine to help me end my day relaxed, rested, and ready for the next day."

Genealogist & Blogger

"Coaching with Christine was so helpful. For so long I had interpreted things in ways that made me feel badly about myself. Christine gently led our conversations to areas that provided perspective and a sense of honest well-being. I realize now that I have choices on those thoughts, and am not subject to the self-talk that was getting me nowhere. "

Life Coach

You Will Increase Your Income & Impact Through This Strategic Coaching Program


But maybe you’re wondering, who is this woman and why should I listen to her? I’m so glad you asked!

Hi there! I’m Christine, a productivity coach for online entrepreneurs.

I was two years into my first entrepreneurial endeavor (I was a full-time personal finance blogger) before I figured out how to level up my income while working fewer hours. 

For two years, I was panic-learning every new growth strategy I could find. I was checking email, pageview stats, and social media all weekend long. It was a roller coaster of excitement, overwhelm, optimism, and defeat. 

What finally changed things for me wasn't a new sales or growth strategy. It was learning higher level productivity skills! 

Once I figured it out, I literally was able to finish a project I thought would take me weeks in one afternoon. I left my phone at home and didn’t worry about checking in on my business all weekend long. Best of all, I felt less stressed, was having more fun, and oh! Did I mention that my income increased while I was working fewer hours??

 Are you in? Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

"I realized during our sessions that I wasn't working strategically, and even though I was busy, I wasn't doing the things I needed to in order to get results. My biggest wins were getting new clients and seeing that I had everything I needed to keep making that happen."

Life Coach

"If you want more time, grace, ease, and rest in your life reach out to Christine immediately. I know, I know, you think you don't have time... I get it. But really, the truth is, you don't have time to NOT to do it! She will give you far more back than what you invest."

Leadership Development Coach

Imagine If...

You ended each day feeling fully satisfied with what you accomplished and knowing exactly what your next steps are for tomorrow.

You had the freedom to do what you wanted, when you wanted, where you wanted (and you actually took advantage of this!).

You had time and energy to take care of you (monthly massages, reading for fun, healthy meal prep, hiking with friends…)

You had systems in place to give you a steady stream of new clients and opportunities so you weren’t always in feast or famine.

It’s a simple equation:

(and I'm not that good at math)

When you can get more done in less time, you can earn more money without working more hours.

You’ll have more time for projects that ignite your passions, more energy to connect deeper with your favorite people, and more money to give you options where you didn’t have them before.


“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.” ~ my mom.

She has told me this regularly for my entire life!

She also says, “Plan the plan. Work the plan.” Which is exactly what we’ll be doing in your 1:1 coaching sessions.

It all comes down to being INTENTIONAL with your time and energy so that you produce results.

Book a Free Productivity Audit Today

✓ We'll review your current routines and systems (or lack thereof 😉) to see what's working that you can capitalize on and where there's room for improvement.

✓ You'll get crystal clear on your goal and I'll recommend your next steps so that you can make it happen.

✓ If you're a good fit for this coaching program, I'll invite you to work with me. No matter what, you'll leave the call with fresh clarity!


All of the passion, genius, creativity, and goodness inside of you will be unleashed in the world on a bigger scale when you develop productivity skills that change how you operate your business for years to come. 


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